We are away for the Swiss Summer, back March 2025. Tim & Monika
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Alpine Courses and Instruction

From one day to ten days, we can design a program to advance your alpine skills.  Hiked a lot but never worn crampons or climbed a real summit? Rock climbed but never travelled on a glacier? We can provide training to get you ready to start your own adventures.

Mönch ascent

Mönch: the classic 4000er of the Berner Oberland, a moderately technical climb with an exposed knife edge snow ridge to the summit. It can be done as a day trip and is typically guided at a 1:1 ratio. Alpine grade PD+.

1 person     700chf     Day Trip      June – Oct

Mönch & Jungfrau ascents

Mönch and the Jungfrau. Climb the two most famous 4000m peaks in the Berner Oberland in one trip. We climb the Mönch on the first day followed by a night in the Mönchoch Hut, getting an early start on the Jungfrau the next day. Alpine grade PD+.

1-2 people     from 1100chf     2 days     June – Oct

Valais / Wallis Summits

The Valais (Wallis in German) have some fantastic easy to moderate summits.  The easiest 4000er’s, the Breithorn , Alphubel, Allanlinhorn and Lagginhorn, are located in the region as well the more involved Weismiss Traverse, Monta Rosa, Nadelhorn, Castor and Pollux summits. The area is great for link ups or getting more mileage in the high mountains. Grades PD to AD- .

1-4 people     from 200chf     1-7 days     June – Oct

Valais Iconic Peaks

The Matterhorn, Dofourspitze, Dom, Zinal Rothorn, Dent Blanche and Weishorn also tower above the Valais.  All these summits are serious challenges, with their own character.  Expect long days, covering lots of exposed ground and in many cases technical alpine climbing.  Each requires different conditions and has its own climbing challenges. Grade AD and up.

1 Person     from 1500chf     2 days +     June – Oct

Eiger ascent

The Mettileggi route on the Eiger is one of the most famous ridge climbs in the alps.  Climbed when it is mainly rock it still presents a challenging climb with extreme exposure as you traverse above the entire famous north face.  Being an efficient and agile rock climber in alpine boots is essential for this difficult summit.  Grade D .

1 person     chf 1450     2 days     July – Sept

Bernese Oberland
Bernese Oberland Summit week

Spend a week in the more remote Bernese Oberland climbing a number of 4000ers.  Possible summits include the Finstaarhorn, Fiescherhorn, Grosses Grünhorn among others.  A great trip for those who want to get deeper into the mountain wilderness.  Grades PD+ and upwards.

1-2 people     from 2000chf     5 to 7 days     June – Oct

New Zealand Alps - for something completely different!

Can’t wait for the season to come round?  Check out their New Zealand website for trip opportunities in the New Zealand Alps.

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